Please take a few moments to read through the testimonials provided to us by our students on how our professional jujutsy instruction has positively influenced their physical well-being and mental attitude.


We wish you a long and very blessed life!

Master Sergeant John Hoefert ~ US Air Force, Retired, Disabled Veteran

I served 23 years in the US Air Force, which resulted in me incurring several forms of service-related disabilities. The Heiwashinkai organization's veteran's PTSD program has aided in my ongoing recovery of my physical and psychological issues. I accredit David Wilson's Japanese jujutsu training for improving my confidence and outlook on life. Each time I successfully endure my training classes and lesson sessions I realize how much more I'm actually capable of. I sincerely hope this testimonial will inspire others to take full advantage of the free jujutsu training classes and veteran's programs offered by David and his great non-profit, charitable organization.

Dave Meisburger ~ US Army Disabled Veteran

Charter President, Kiwanis Club of Gautier/Ocean Springs, MS

I was introduced to David Wilson after a Kiwanis Club of Vancleave, MS, meeting and was invited to visit the construction site of his future jujutsu dojo multipurpose facility. I accepted and was extremely impressed with the nearly completed facility. My knowledge of the history of jujutsu was minimal and David proceeded to explain how the art form began and evolved into its modern-day counterpart. Since I'm also a disabled veteran, David expanded on the theraputic aspects of jujutsu and how he'd developed a program specifically designed to assist veterans suffering from PTSD and other physical and mental disabilities. I was intrigued. Being retired, my weight had ballooned from a respectable 230 pounds to a grossly overweight 338 pounds and David counseled me about altering my eating regimen to encompass the paleo dietary system, which has resulted in a weight loss of more than 40 pounds. Now that his dojo multipurpose facility is complete, I've begun utilizing the onsite workout equipment and David is providing me with FREE fitness training to help improve my strength and balance. I highly recommend EVERY person who needs to lose weight, would like to improve their fitness level, and learn the martial art form of traditional Japanese jujutsu to contact David about how his customizable programs can benefit EVERY individual, especially veterans.

James Glaskox ~ US Army Disabled Veteran

I'm rated as being a 100% permanently disabled veteran by the VA and regularly attend jujutsu classes at David Wilson's Heiwashinkai dojo facility. Over the course of my attendance I've noticed a significant improvement in several areas of my life. I began my quest to learn Japanese jujutsu with the simplistic goal of learning something new and getting in better physical condition. I soon found that my mental health had dramatically improved as well. My general attitude, outlook, and overall happiness have been significantly elevated by applying the techniques I've learned as a result of the Sensei's instruction and I've experienced a tremendous overall improvement as a person. Due to my physical disabilities and limitations, some of the physical techniques and aspects of traditional Japanese jujutsu have proven to be incredibly difficult and several aren't possible for me to perform. However, I'm constantly challenged and encouraged by Sensei David Wilson to at least try. Due to his years of experience in dealing with his own personal disability limitations, he's able to modify and customize practically every training task and technique in order to suit my personal special needs. Sensei's overall goal of helping his students become better just so they ARE better is a foreign concept in many other martial arts training programs as the norm in most other programs is to be pushed into performing at a competitive level in public demonstrations and competitions. Students not attaining those perfect specimen competitive levels tend to be ovelooked and be treated as nothing more than a monetary stipend to perpetuate their program. That's just ONE of the differences which inspires me to continue to attend jujutsu classes at David's Heiwashinkai dojo. I can easily provide many more.

Larry Snapp ~ US Air Force, Retired, Disabled Veteran

I'm a 20-year veteran of the US Air Force and received a 100% VA disability rating due to contracting PTSD via a traumatic brain injury. I've known David Wilson for several years and he's been a complete inspiration to my physical and mental health. On countless occasions I've leaned on and depended on David to bolster and support my mental and physical health and he's always been there for me. His dojo's PTSD mental and physical training program has accomplished wonders by helping improve my mental health, physical strength, and continues to help me cope with horrible arthritis issues in both of my knees. He truly cares for his fellow veterans and it shows in every aspect of his being. I have advanced PTSD and, on most days, I find it extremely difficult to cope. Spending time in his dojo and focusing on learning new jujutsu techniques under David's guidance has been highly instrumental in me being able to help overcome my PTSD issues for short periods of time and, for that, I'm eternally grateful. I've recommended David to all of my fellow disabled veteran friends who suffer from similar mental and physical disabilities so he can help them improve their quality of life just as much as he's helped me as I'm positive they too will greatly benefit from David's guidance and tutelage and find their quality of life will be much better for it.

Thomas Spicer ~ US Marine Corps Disabled Veteran

I want to begin by expressing my greatest respect for David Wilson and his charitable nonprofit organization. I'm a US Marine Corps veteran who served during the Cold War years and Desert Shield/Storm. I've discovered that, after being discharged, many VETERANS feel the need to continue to serve and choose to become first responders. I too have chosen that role in life and continue to serve my country and community as a police officer. When it comes to serving our country and its citizens, there's something in a veteran's DNA that we just can't shake. That's where David's charitable nonprofit organization comes into play. Like many other veterans, I found myself struggling with life after service. Typically, veterans just bottle it up inside and carry on. Given my post-service career choice, I wish I'd known and had access to this type of training program much sooner. Apart from the obvious uses for jujutsu training as a police officer, I've found it gives me a sense of camraderie, drive, and purpose in my life which I thought I'd lost. I wish more veterans could and would try this training program out and discover how well it helps to relieve stress and add to their quality of life. I thank David and all of the higher-belted students who continue to assist me on my journey. I hope my personal experience will inspire more veterans and fellow law enforcement officers to participate in David's program to improve themselves mentally and physically and increase their tool set to make their job and communities safer for all. Again, I extend my grateful thanks to David for his unrelenting dedication and support for myself and our country's fellow veterans. Semper Fi!

Michael S. McCarroll ~ US Navy Disabled Veteran

I served in the US Navy as a Corpsman from 1973-1977, first as an Intensive Care Technician, then as a Field Corpsman for Marine Reconnaissance, 3rd Marine Division, during the Vietnam war. Once I returned stateside, I continued my duties in the 1st Recon, 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendelton in California. I suffer with depression and Sensei David Wilson helps me cope with it by utilizing jujutsu martial arts training as a way to focus my mind away from my psychic disorder. When I concentrate on his training, my mind becomes much more disciplined, helping me both mentally and physically. One prime example of his instructional capabilities is that after Sensei David brought my tenseness issues during one of his training classes to my attention, I began developing a higher level of mental focus on mental relaxation during my training. His guidance provided me with a tool that I can now use at any time, in any location, and under any circumstances, to help relax me emotionally and physically. His dojo affords me an excellent location to learn and practice his training techniques of all types. My thanks are extended to Sensei David and his team of Heiwashinkai jujutsu instructors. If you would like to contact me concerning this testimonial and my personal experiences, feel free to call me at 228-239-0359 or you can reach out to me by standard mail at 23133 Highway 53, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39503.

David Bouriaque ~ US Army Disabled Veteran

I am a US Air Force service-connected disabled veteran. Mr. David Wilson provides free martial arts and fitness training to my family. In addition to that, he has offered all kinds of valuable support including, but not limited to, advice on how to run my business and make good business decisions, as well as financial and diet advice. His dietary advice has been particularly instrumental in helping a critically ill family member who's stricken with rheumatoid arthritis make changes that have provided a significant, positive impact on her health and well-being. Mr. Wilson is actively involved and dedicates his life to helping fellow disabled veterans AND their families. I'm positive that, with the support and backing of the VA system, he could perform even more good for others than he presently does. If you have any questions, please call me at 225-290-1507.

Sky Walkingstick ~ US Air Force Disabled Veteran

I served six years in the US Air Force, from April 26, 2016-April 26, 2022, and during the short time I attended Japanese jujutsu classes at the Heiwashinkai dojo I found it to to be very beneficial for my mind and body. The training helped me to stay physically fit and sharpened my mental focus. I have confidence that the Heiwashinkai martial arts programs will provide a great service to its students and community, just as it did for me.

Patrick Shannon ~ US Navy Disabled Veteran

I am a disabled Navy veteran who lives in Gautier, Mississippi. I have lived with numerous orthopedic and neurological disabilities since serving in the Navy from March 1969 to March 1975. My personal experience with martial arts has been with the practice of Tai Chi, but I have worked with and experienced David Wilson's jujutsu program for many years since being introduced to him and his free classes in 2016. In my opinion, his Grappling With PTSD Program is well-designed to accommodate the needs of disabled veterans who frequently suffer from a wide range of disabilities. He and his staff have extensive personal experience with being disabled and working through that to learn a martial art. He works tirelessly to interface with VSOs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including the VFW, DAV, and Team RWB, to get as many veterans involved in his free program as possible. His dojo facility is also top-notch, with numerous accommodations provided for the disabled which makes it much easier for those with physical limitations to participate. To my knowledge, it is the ONLY nonprofit martial arts dojo on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with a program designed specifically to offer free lessons for disabled veterans. I highly recommend the program, the instructors, and the facility be used by the VA to serve veterans, as this is a much-needed community service.

Roger Hormell ~ US Navy Disabled Veteran

I am the Commander-Elect for the Singing River Disabled Veteran (DAV) post in Gautier, MS. David Wilson's Grappling with PTSD Program has been serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the past nine years. Their free classes offer veterans, both able-bodied and disabled, an effective and engaging athletic outlet to work through their frustrations, deal with anger issues in a safe and productive fashion, improve their physical fitness, and give them a regular activity to look forward to each week. Mr. Wilson and his staff have developed a program that is highly adaptive for the specific needs of the individual, be they physical or mental limitations, thanks to their own experience with service-connected disabilities. These adaptions include (but are not limited to) modifying techniques to accommodate chronic injuries, using their extensive syllabus to substitute techniques in place of ones that are impossible due to limitations, breaking down movements into their constituent building blocks to ease learning in those with organic brain disorders, and modifying the pace of the class to ensure that nobody gets left behind. Their custom-built facility is also top-notch and perfectly suited for the disparate needs of disabled students. The air conditioning is high-quality to support those with issues related to PACT exposure. The lighting is spread out over the entire ceiling to avoid triggering migraines in those with sensitivities. The building and bathroom facilities are designed to accommodate physical disabilities, including the wheelchair-bound, and there's ample parking that is literally feet from the front door. My personal study of martial arts has helped me to deal with the difficulties I have experienced in my life as a disabled veteran. I can honestly say that I've never experienced a more potent tool to assist with the turmoil associated with transitioning from military service to civilian life than martial arts, and the Grappling With PTSD Program is perfectly designed to do just that. In my position as the Commander-Elect for our DAV post, I am determined to encourage every veteran that I come across who could benefit from their free classes to at least give it a try. As of 2022, there are over 63,000 veterans who live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We're going to try to reach out to each and every one who could derive assistance from their program.

TSgt Cody Gill ~ US Air Force Disabled Veteran

I'm a disabled veteran and completed 8 years of active duty in the Air Force before transitioning into the United States Air Force Reserves where I still currently serve. During my active time, I deployed and suffered both physical injuries and developed mental health disorders. I am currently rated as being 90% disabled by the VA and felt like I was receiving financial compensation in lieu of treatment for my disabilities. I recently met David Wilson through an online platform when he offered his dojo facility to disabled veterans. I attended David's Japanese jujutsu class and was immediately hooked. Sensei Wilson is teaching disabled veterans how to better their physical and mental health FOR FREE> Since attending his class, I have noticed an improvement in my mental health. I also enjoy the physical improvement aspects of jujutsu as I gained a significant amount of weight since leaving active duty. These classes are great for anyone interested in learning self-defense while releasing their built-up stress. These classes lower my anxiety levels and I cannot praise Sensei Wilson enough for what he is offering!

Jim Wetherington ~ US Navy Veteran

I served six years in the US Navy during the Cold War years (1980-1986) and have worked alongside veterans from the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Many veterans returning to civilian life experience difficulties in transitioning back to what is termed normal conditions after facing life-changing conditions as a part of their military service. I have found that the discipline and effort required in martial arts training helps all veterans suffering from serious injuries and conditions return to a normal life with the help and support of like-minded individuals who work to help each other improve both on and off the mat.

Nick Long ~ US Marine Disabled Veteran

I'm a disabled US Marine Corps veteran who served from February 1998 until June 2003. I began my study of Traditional Japanese Jujutsu with David Wilson and Robert Carver in 2007 in Baton Rouge, LA. I immediately noticed that many of the issues I was dealing with during my service time in the Marine Corps were made easier as I continued to practice jujutsu. My joint pains were diminished, my panic attacks became less frequent and more manageable, my relationships with friends and family improved, my sleep quality seemed better and, overall, I felt a sense of camaraderie and belonging that had been missing in my life ever since my separation from the Marine Corps. I grew to love traditional jujutsu so much that years later, after earning my back belt, I opened my own nonprofit dojo to allow me to teach both kids and adults what I had learned. To this day, I like to say, "I'm a nut and jujutsu keeps me from cracking." Dave Wilson's Grappling With PTSD Program is a wonderful opportunity for so many disabled veterans to work through their issues, develop better physical and mental fitness and become better people overall. It's amazing that he's been able to operate for years without charging for his classes, especially since commercial schools in his area are charging up to $300 per month for arguably much less beneficial programs. His mission to aid his fellow veterans is his driving force. I support his program so much that I have visited his school in Vancleave, Mississippi, to function in the capacity of a guest instructor for his program. There's nothing like his program anywhere on the US Gulf Coast.

Bradley Davis ~ US Air Force Disabled Veteran

I have been rated as being 100% disabled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for over a decade due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and related disabilities. I struggle each day to complete tasks that are routine to most people. So, entering a martial arts program was a big step. I'm grateful to be able to attend jujutsu classes with David Wilson and his team at Heiwashinkai Jujutsu. David works hard to help me develop the skills I need to perform jujutsu to the best of my ability and he has adapted techniques to my specific deficits when necessary. It seems to me that education, along with his personal experiences of suffering from multiple catastrophic disabilities makes him uniquely qualified to help those of us who might be left behind in another environment. David's dedication to veterans is prevalent in every aspect of Heiwashinkai Jujutsu, not just during mat time. The Heiwashinkai Jujutsu team is constantly present in the local community supporting veteran health and other nonprofit causes. It is my honor to endorse David Wilson and Heiwashinkai Jujutsu of Mississippi.